Living in Light

Change is inevitable. Change IS happening, now, to everyone here on this beloved planet, Gaia.  There is no way to stop it.  To stop change would be to try to stand in the ocean and put your hand up to stop a wave.  It’s not happening, no matter how hard you try.  It would be a lot more simple to just go with the flow of the wave.  Pushing against it, and swimming against them just causes exhaustion and pain.  Surrender!  Surrender to the wave, and float in your light bodies!  Enjoy the energy of just being.  Have you ever just floated in a pool of water, and felt the sensation of nothingness?  THAT my friends is the stillness within.  Your Divine connection.  Water is a natural healer, and probably one of the most powerful.  Throughout the ages, rituals with bathing before sacred ceremonies, or washing of the hands or feet, have been a powerful way of saying thank-you to your divinity. Of also saying thank you to your vessel for all that it does for you every, single, day.  Connecting to your light within is what this “chaotic” life is all about.  If you can reach inside, and just still that egoic mind, then you will be able to just smile with the remembrance of who you are.  LIGHT.  ENERGY. PURE LOVE.  Take a moment and just say thank you if you can.  Who knows what you might experience or feel, or where that proverbial wave may take you?🙂


Today was a big day for my six-year-old daughter.  She has asked for three years to have her ears pierced, and we would have had them done last year had she not been too scared.  When I inquired why she would like them done, she told me she thinks she will “look more pretty” than she does now.  ??  When did image issues become of such importance to four-year olds???  And does she not see how beautiful she already is, inside and out?  As her mother, and from someone who knows what it is like first hand to have severe self-image issues, how do I prevent my flesh and blood from the same fate I had?  Is that even possible?  These are  hard questions I have asked myself, and I have meditated on them for a while.  Turns out, no, I can’t.  As a mother, that is the hardest thing to come to terms with.  Knowing I can not keep her from those “feelings” that will probably consume her for much of her young and adult life.  Almost every woman I have talked with has had the same issues as well.  I mean, why else would cosmetic surgery be such a huge industry?  Why do we feel the need to constantly “improve” ourselves as women?  For ourselves? For men? For other women?  Shouldn’t we all KNOW that we are perfect the way God created us?  Wrinkles, crow’s-feet, stretch marks, moles, freckles and all?  We all have something on us that we don’t feel comfortable with, or we think makes us “less than” we should be.  IT IS ALL SUCH AN ILLUSION!  God, All that is, Jehovah, whatever you choose to call the Divine, has created us in Divine likeness, so that means, we are already perfect.  There can’t be any other way.  Whether we believe we need to change something about ourselves to make us more outwardly attractive, is  irrelevant.  We are wasting such precious moments of our life worried about things that do not change who we are.  Our true being-ness is who we are in our HEARTS.  We need to learn to laugh at our bellies, and giggle at those stretch-marks.  Why are we pouring and wasting tons of money on make-up, skin care products and plastic surgery?   What does it accomplish?  Honestly?  Look inside yourselves to see the true answer.  Don’t listen to what your mind tells you, listen to your truth-your heart.   You know that saying?  The heart doesn’t lie?  :)  I did get my daughters ear’s pierced, and she does look really cute.  Does that make me a bad mother or a hypocrite for saying that?  In the end, all that matters is what my daughter is happy with.  If it makes her happy, then with discernment in hand, I will have to let that be. It is her journey., and whether I always like her choices or not, is not for me to judge or criticize.  I have to honor where she is on her path, and honor who she is as well.  Now, if she asks for a tongue piercing, we may have issues…😉

Namaste and many blessings!

Today was a perfect example of remaining calm in chaos and holding presence.  I know everyone in the U.S. is currently facing extreme heat, but picture this…. you live in Phoenix, AZ, known to be one of the hottest cities during the summer months.  It is 115 outside, and it is 100 inside… Wait, what?!  That’s right, it is 100 inside the house!  Our a.c. broke down today.  But, turns out this is a good thing… The  reason this was a blessing, is I was able to PRACTICE holding presence in the midst of the chaos of my daughter asking a ton of questions at once, trying to get her ears-pierced(which she did NOT go through with by the way), fielding questions from my son, texting my one step-son in regards to Lebron James headed to Miami, dealing with a VERY UPSET hubby about the $1200 a.c. bill(which we know could have been A LOT worse), and going back twice to Subway because the same before mentioned hubby did not answer his phone while I was at Subway again. :)  Now in all the heat and confusion, I could have easily have slipped back into density of anger and frustration, as I have done many times before, but no, I decided to practice this fifth dimensional living; and boy, am I glad I did.  It was easier than I thought. :)  Just holding presence, and BEING the example, is what my “life” is about now.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to practice.  The Universe always gives up all the opportunities we want; just pay attention and CHOOSE! 

Namaste and many blessings!

I love Reiki!

That should be my new license plate cover.

Reiki is a splendid way to heal yourself and others through natural means – the Divine!  How awesome is that!?  Reiki is just one form of healing, but what I love about it is that you can feel the benefits right away!  At least that goes for me, obviously.  :)  I especially love that you can send reiki long-distance.  Time nor distance can stop reiki, or any form of healing for that matter!  Light is ALL, and it carries to every part of the Universe.  You can’t run or hide!  Light will always find you!!!! Yay!  I love it!  :)  Being reiki trained was something I have wanted to do for a quite awhile.  It took me a long time to get there, but it is all a journey, right? :)  There is a reason for it all, and the journey is why we are all here to begin with.  To experience for the Divine in physical form.  I must say, I think I have experienced enough for several lifetimes.  I have been there, done that, and don’t choose to ever do it again.  I am ready for the re-unification.  Self-ascension IS my path.  I am ready to move forward with the holistic healing realm, and THAT is what and who I am about. 

Many blessings light beings!